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Agile Transformation

We are a software delivery consultancy focusing on assisting companies to deliver quality software through coaching of both the team and the customer

Case Studies

We are technically diverse in the projects we undertake.
We believe that people make the difference, not the tech.

Common Services

Implementation of a set of common services to be implemented as microservices inline with the strategic vision to move away from a legacy mainframe.

This project involved coaching in agile ways of working, the SCRUM framework and adoption of BDD principles.

Administration Portal

An administration portal to support a key Brexit project, decoupling internal vehicle registration and management in support of a public facing website and backing services.

This project involved the creation and sourcing of a team, definition of an initial backlog and coaching in agile ways of working and adoption of BDD principles.

Progressive Web App

Implementation of a mobile application (PWA) for a Train Operating Company

This project involved the wholesale transformation of an existing team from a waterfall based approach to an agile, SCRUM based approach.

We aimed to create a supportive environment based on a value-driven, whole team approach to delivery.

Our Services

We don't believe in silver bullets.
e don't believe in dogma.
We employ bespoke approaches based on identified problems.
We aim to create an approach that is flexible whilst maintaining our core principles of value and quality.  



We aim to deliver software projects using an approach that ensures a quality mindset is adopted by the team and is maintained as a core principle of the deliverables.

We believe in people and collaboration over the use of technology for technology’s sake, to enable delivery of valuable solutions with proven results across a diverse set of projects and market sectors.


We help improve the development and delivery approach by coaching across teams and customers.

Our coaching ranges from workshops and face-to-face training sessions to embedded learning providing advice and practical techniques to drive the  delivery of pragmatic solutions.


We can help transform your software development and delivery approach through close integration with your teams.

We understand that individuals and teams are different. The transformation will be tailored to your needs and can be driven alongside project delivery.

About Us

We come from a diverse set of backgrounds with experience in government, fintech, aviation, VOD and transportation 


Graham Ellis

Quality Lead

Believes in finding problems that threaten the value of your product before your customers do. A committed quality nerd.


Ian Mansell

Technical Lead

A proven technical lead, able to manage teams and deliver quality driven, working software applying pragmatism over dogma.


Sean Evans

Agile Coach

An experienced agile coach that assists clients to do what they do, only better.

Warren Bailey

Lead Software Engineer

An experienced engineer with a passion for cloud native technologies and DevOps practices.



Our approach laid bare